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Find & Print The Crossword Link To The Grid Since the crossword is displayed in a popup window, the link (URL) for it isn't there on the address bar if you're using IE. This will come in handy if you want to share the link with others or when the Print option for the crossword isn’t working (which happens quite often! For Firefox: The same as IE, but there's also a shortcut menu option .) - you can print the grid image directly in that case. [*]Note: If the popup window does not open when you click on the crossword, it is possible that the browser's popup blocker is enabled. Search for "how to disable popup blocker" to fix this in your browser. I'm putting up the steps with illustrations to get the ET cryptic crossword online.Trust this helps to answer the "how to get the grid" questions from the Hindu/ET solving community. The Stumper is much more difficult than this one, but both are good, well-rounded themeless constructions. This one is pretty hard, although I was able to get it done in less than 15 minutes, and for me that is a triumph for these puzzles!

One of the more famous people with a Tatar heritage was Hollywood actor Charles Bronson. Genghis Khan was the founder of the Mongol Empire who was destined to be the largest contiguous empire in the history of the world.

Pitcher Hershiser : OREL - the one proper name I did know 54. Pressing agent : IRON - at first I thought there'd be a "? Completes an installation, perhaps : REBOOTS - last week I had to install a printer on the network at the restaurant - what a chore, with all the rebooting and connectivity, but I succeeded 6.

Its point is often boring : AWL - oooh, I went with BIT 5.

Quite a few "quote" answers, and just a few too many proper names ( - 17~! Tuscan treat : GELATO - oops, had an "I" at the end 29.

- and I left out the geographic names) to make this really fun, yet I did get through them, and in my personal time. Middle of a classical trio : VIDI - ah, not AMO, AMAS, AMAT, but VENI, VIDI, VICI, Caesar's boast of "I came, I saw, I conquered." 19 22. Kazantzakis title character : ZORBA - filled via perps 35. concern : RELOcation - I have an appointment with my HR guy at UPS on Wednesday next week to discuss opportunities within the company - and I am not opposed to being re-located if it means I can get paid from the neck up; not sure I am willing - or able - to put in another 18yrs doing what I do today 38. Voice of Magoo : BACKUS - I remembered the name Thurston Howell the third...I just found out he was in "I Dream of Jeannie", too 40.

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