Creative cheap dating ideas

Whether you are looking for a good first date or have been married for decades, you have found a treasure trove of great date ideas.

Every date featured is one that we have been on and photographed.

For example, if your man likes hockey, a great gift would be hockey tickets to a game with his favorite team.

If your girl likes the theatre, get her dressed up and go to a show.

Music, balloons, food, and great games can all be a way to remember your loved one’s special day.

Maybe take him or her to the place you went when you first became a serious couple Little reminders like this will make great impression on your sweetheart.

Bring a cup of hot chocolate along to complete the whole picture.

: Spring birthdays are terrific because a great birthday date is a picnic by a stream, in a park, on the beach, or in another natural setting.

Whether you are looking for a fun date, a creative date, or a romantic date - we've got you covered.

There are many unique dating opportunities in Phoenix, and often they are cheap.

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