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More » When “The Jeffersons” premiered in 1975 on CBS, it not only garnered attention for featuring an upwardly mobile African-American family but also for featuring one of television’s first interracial couples—Tom and Helen Willis (Franklin Cover and Roxie Roker), neighbors of George and Louise Jefferson.Although a comedy, the show exhibited some of the bigotry that mixed couples face.The character of Dominique Deveraux allowed the American public the rare opportunity to see a glamorous black woman on the small screen as well as the ups and downs of an interracial romance.More » While Dominique Deveraux and Garrett Boydston broke ground as an interracial couple on nighttime soap opera “Dynasty,” the characters of Simone Ravelle (Laura Carrington) and Tom Hardy (David Wallace) made waves on daytime soap opera “General Hospital” upon marrying.Although interracial dating is nothing new, it remains a controversial topic on the dating scene, particularly among Black communities.While many Blacks say they’re over the topic constantly making news and blog headlines, those Blacks involved in interracial relationships are quick to insist that it’s not as acceptable as it seems among certain groups in society and that the conversation needs to be furthered.George Jefferson, a black man, routinely insulted Tom, a white man, and Helen, a black woman, for marrying each other.

Today, there are arguably too many interracial couples on television to count.

What you think about the cultural shifts in attitudes on interracial dating today?

MUST-SEE: Hilarious 'Meet Your First Black Girlfriend' Video Black women are most commonly accused of being open to dating men outside of their race but having negative feelings toward Black men who do the same.

Moguldom Studios has accepted the challenge with the release of it’s latest documentary, .

HOT TOPIC: 9 Things I Learned From Dating White Guys Director and producer Tabari Sturdivant takes a comedic look at the stereotypes surrounding interracial dating in the modern world and examines it through the eyes of interracial couples, comedians and real men and women who are either in favor or highly opposed.

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