Consolidating city calls

The document showed no cost savings and failed to identify significant service duplication.The firms concluded that it was “impossible to accurately predict where these benefits might arise.” Nevertheless, consolidation advocates in Louisville continued to build a case on rhetoric. Savitch, an urban policy expert and research professor at the University of Louisville, co-wrote two extensive studies of the city’s merger.

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Having castigated the state’s most powerful union, demanded an apology from the president of the United States and declared the Las Vegas economy saved, Goodman, standing behind the podium at last month’s Chamber of Commerce luncheon, was asked about City Center, the massive resort, casino and condo development being built on the Strip.The idea died, with leaders on both sides agreeing to look at consolidation of some services.But, with the exception of some regional planning efforts, those intentions did not pan out.As the first successful consolidation of a major metropolitan area in three decades, the Louisville experience is instructive.The city of about 250,000 became part of a merged entity of 700,000.

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