Comic book geek dating

The online dating landscape continues to fragment, so there seems to be a site or three for every subculture, religion, or any other social division you can put a name to.This is good in one sense, because more sites means more competition to attract and retain users; if you have half an idea what you're doing as a user, you can get a fantastic amount of value out of these sites for next to nothing.There are arguably too many as it is, plus you'll be stepping into a realm of business that is already overstretched and fiercely competitive.If your express goal is to find a girlfriend through the internet, you'll save yourself a lot of work and headache by just making effective use of any of the dating sites that already exist.

What you need is a human female who is attracted to you, first.My first issue: if it's a site "for geeks only," how do you determine whether or not somebody meets the criteria?Geekdom (especially the most superficial aspects) is becoming increasingly mainstream, but actual knowledge of topics such as AI or robotics is still extremely niche.There are plenty of girls who love to chat about more intellectual topics, and there are also plenty of geeky men with great romantic lives.Being a geek is not, in itself, going to keep you from getting a girlfriend..

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