Coast guard dating service

Examples of acceptable personal relationships: Fraternization describes the criminal prohibition of certain conduct between officers and enlisted personnel set out in the UCMJ.Interpersonal relationships between officer and enlisted personnel and fraternization are not synonymous.A relationship, including marriage, does not violate Service policy unless the relationship or the members' conduct fails to meet the standards set by this section, standards of conduct set by the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), or other regulations.

Members married to members or otherwise closely related shall not be assigned in the same chain of command.

However, this approach may obscure one important issue: the fundamental principle that interpersonal activities which are appropriate among men or among women are likewise appropriate among men and women.

Positive social interaction among men has proved beneficial to the individuals and the organization in the past, and women should be afforded equal opportunity to participate in these activities.

Women must not be insulated or isolated from proper professional and social activities if the Coast Guard is to benefit from the full measure of their contributions.

As people work together, different types of relationships arise.

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