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She's such a pretty girl though that even in a long dress she is still a highlight. She really doesn't seem to embrace the fact that you are not always going to be partnered with a young handsome man, who you can potentially win the show with. Images today from the launch show for the new series of Strictly where we get to meet the celebrities for this year and watch them get paired up with their professional partners. That bar is pretty low for this show anyway but she really is a big girl and for me has zero sex appeal at all. Apart from the cute girls he has been my favourite character on that show for a few years now. I'm not holding out a great deal of hope for Aliona this year either as she has been partnered with someone older again and I fear her bad body language may strike again.

I have batch named the images for this first update as it was just easier. They now have 3 weeks to rehearse before the first show. Images today from the first two episodes in the latest series of Doctor Who, with the new Doctor, Peter Capaldi.

It's a pretty decent line-up this year with two very notable stand-outs in Frank Sandford/Bridge of The Saturdays and Pixie Lott. Still with the very, very sexy Jenna Coleman though.

I particularly liked the outfit Jenna was wearing at the start and end of the first of these two episodes. Funnily enough the exact same outfit she wore for the Christmas episode. He brings the right amount of gravitas and seems to fit the role like a glove.

That's why it takes forever to name the images for this update.

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So I was really pleased she got all the way to the final. 7 years younger obviously but she does look really young in them.

By the way, I could go into why I haven't updated this site for 6 weeks.

However, it's pretty complicated and not really worth talking about.

That's why it takes forever to name the images for this update. Highlight with this update was probably seeing Alize Cornet beat Serena Williams.

I'm not nearly as surprised by this result as I was by Serena getting beaten by Sabine Lisicki last year.

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