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They feel strange and do not like the unfriendly and even abusive comments that they may sometimes encounter.

They understand that in a more tolerant society, they would be accepted as normal practising Muslims.

This means that dress is meant to protect the wearer from harassment and to prevent one from becoming obsessed with pride in one’s outward appearance.

Some Muslims wrongly believe that the hijāb is a cultural practice rather than a religious one.The Qur’ān instructs the Prophet, “Tell your wives and your daughters and the women of the believers to wrap their outer garments (the ) around themselves.That is more suitable so that they will be known as pious women, and not be harassed.” (Al-Ahzāb ) Women are also told not to display their finery.Families from both sides must be involved from the outset for a marriage to be correct.In the case of women who have converted to Islam and have no Muslim relatives, then their guardianship for marriage becomes the responsibility of the head of a mosque or Islamic centre.

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