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Planning your Pamplona trip for the Running of the Bulls® can feel overwhelming at times, especially if this is your first visit.Find answers to the most important and commonly asked questions about touring with Runningofthe and the San Fermin Festival to make your adventure stress-free.Our Running of the Bulls® FAQs are quite extensive, but always feel free to contact us for any other questions!Without a balcony for the Running of the Bulls® in Pamplona, it is likely that you will have little to no view of the Run itself.Please remember to bring your e Voucher with you so we can confirm your reservation as these balconies are some of the most sought after in Pamplona. The representative will lead you, along with all other spectators for the day, upstairs to your designated space promptly at a.m.

We also offer individual hotel rooms or apartment rentals, contact us for more information.It is possible to mitigate this cost by arriving later in the Festival when the crowds are not quite as large.Although we do not recommend it for safety reasons, some visitors do choose to sleep in the city parks as Pamplona does provide public bathrooms for showering.This is especially true at the beginning of the San Fermin Festival and the opening ceremonies for the Running of the Bulls®.Later in the week, it may be possible to claim a viewing spot at street level just behind the barrier that separates the medical staff from spectators and the Bull Run (encierro).

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