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Either way, Intuit requires you to get a merchant account with them.There are no required additional monthly payments for having a merchant account. You have to actually mail or fax Intuit a formal request to cancel your account.Although there are no additional monthly costs for Intuit’s merchant account (unless you want to opt-in to their , which is an additional /month), it does make it a lot harder to close your account and in rare cases, you may be subject to a 0 account termination fee (if Intuit decides your activities have breached their user policy). Instead, they make money by charging a processing fee on all credit/debit card transactions.

The tools are basic compared to Lastly, Square has lots of great add-ons and integrations.

Square’s integration with Quickbooks is good, and Square is a lot easier to set up.

However, if you already have a Quickbooks POS system and merchant account setup, then it might be worth using Intuit Go Payment, just to keep everything more organized and within one provider’s system.

And of all the mobile processing providers, Square definitely has the most integrations.

You can integrate with Quickbooks (If there was a downside to Square, it would be that they have had some issues in the past with their customer service.

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