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One thing about Macca and the Hon Nick – they always amused themselves.Program Director John Torv did not sound so amused:, an entertaining ditty featuring the Hon Nick Jones on lead vocal.Depending on your browser, these clips might take you to a new page, but once you've finished listening, just hit the "back" button on your browser and it should return you to where you came from.You don't want to lose your place on the page, after all!It was too easy to forget, after 2SM was outshone by the new FM stations in the 1980s, and Triple M's Doug Mulray became the most successful breakfast presenter in Australia, just how groundbreaking Ian Mac Rae was in the 1970s.Macca's foray into television in the late '70s with Thank God It's Friday at the Zoo was a dismal failure.

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Ian Mac Rae was audacious from his beginnings on Melbourne radio and then joined the pirate radio crusade in the UK, returning to Australia to join 2SM in the late 1960s.

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I was in the car driving to university at the time and only heard some of it.

I'm hoping that one day, when he digs through his boxes of archives, he'll find the tape and share it with me.

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