Chat arabe smile

He is very polite and agrees to be interviewed even though we find out later that he was actually sitting on his laptop to get some work done.So Munir is 38 years old and is a journalist and editor for a company in the Middle East.Alaya and I set off to explore Edgware Road, the main Arabic street in London. It is a very lively street that is always busy and full of noise.You can hear Arabic music almost out of every cafe you pass by and you feel a bit like being in a Middle Eastern country.In his eyesdifferent sects are just a way to Islam, but Munir doesn’t see it as essential to have a sect.In fact, he is against the idea of different Islamic sets.He sees religion as “akhlaa” which means good character rather than a particular affiliation or group identity.To be a British citizen means to have work and security says Munir.

Asking him about his identity Munir replies by saying that he identifies first as a human being, followed by his Arabic identity, and thirdly his British Muslim identity.After 10 to 15 minutes we finally decide to go to Costa Café and try our luck there. I ask Alaya to find a table and sit down while I get us something to drink.Before going down I could notice a friendly smile from a young men who was sitting on his own working on his laptop and who once seeing us takes his bag off the chair as a gesture of kindness.About 5 minutes later when I come back with the coffee the scene changed already.I see Alaya sitting next to the man on his table chatting with him. So I join both of them and Alaya introduces us to each other adding that the young men is stronger in Arabic than in English.

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