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Brigands and smugglers desolated the province to such an ex- tent as to oblige the most powerful famihes to con- nive at their evil doings, in order to avoid pillage and murder.

The population were terror-stricken and the officers of justice met with obstacles at every step.

Cardinal Pecci said Mass here during his stay at the time of his elevation to the Cardinalate.

The tombs of the Peccis are in the Church of the Capuchins.

In his bedroom stands a simple iron bed with modest hangings, at the head of which is a silver cru- cifix on a red ground.

Next to this room is a httle family chapel, as there is always in the houses of the ancient nobility.

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Nearly all the houses are small and poor, built of stone and hanging against the rocks. 217 hall is a portrait of the new Pope, in the dress of a Cardinal.

The Su- preme Pastor made haste to place at the head of his flock a faithful shepherd, who might con- sole and reanimate it, bearing his staff with glory in the midst of the people of God.

The present vicar of Jesus Christ on earth and the common Father of the Faithful was born on the 2d of March, 1810, at Carpineto, in the diocese of Anagni, in the Papal States.

The father of the Pope is there, too, in the uni- VTEW OF CARPINETO, SHOWING THE PECCI ANCESTRAL HOME.

form of a French colonel, together with his mother, who has all the graces of her descent from patrician blood.

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