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During your relationship did you know Cutts was having an affair with Denise? You were giving Bobby your support because you were friends? When you went to the house that day, there was a circus going on with the media all over, the FBI, family and friends stopping by?

Monday or Tuesday she went to his house to offer her support. Cutts, his sister, the FBI and other people were at the house. Cross~ Are you aware of how you got involved as a witness in this case? You had phone and text communications with Cutts in June 2007? The FBI questioned you about your communications with Cutts during that week? June 18th, 2007 Jill sent a text message to Cutts asking him if he was ok.

He says Cutts called him the morning on June 14th and said that he'd be late to practice. Garcia said that Cutts never showed up that day, or any other day. k was used to pay-off the original personal loan. Re-cross~ The income wasn’t reported as fraudulent?

Next witness is Joe Antonelli, he works at Key Bank and Household Finance as Senior Account Executive. The bank notified Cutts on June 14th that he was approved and he made an appt to sign the papers at noon. Cutts received a few phone calls while he was at the bank.

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Judge reading several questions from the jury now…. We had heated arguments but nothing was ever bad, Bobby always walked away so we didn't argue. Defense~ You spoke with Bobby on the 13th, evening, correct?

He supervised the investigation and worked with the FBI. The also told him that they were moving the search for Jessie to the north. Tim Warstler on the stand, Director of Emergency Management Assistance.

Next witness for the state is Captain Gary Shankle, he is with the Stark County Sheriff’s Office. Agent Bartholomew and Shankle told Bobby that they had technology and knew that some of his calls were not made from the location he said. He and Cutts coached a basketball team for 7th graders.

Off-and-on they saw each other maybe twice a month. She was not aware that Cutts was having affairs with other women. She said Cutts was upset and crying and there was a lot of people and noise in the background.

You and Cutts were confidants because you had similar home situations, the separations from your spouses? Any expectations that you and Cutts were dating exclusively?

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