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The following five websites are currently considered to be the best military dating websites on the web at the moment. Uniform Dating Uniform Dating is considered one of the forerunners in bringing those who love those in uniform and those in uniform together. Naughty Military Naughty Military Dating Screen Shot " data-medium-file=" w=120" data-large-file=" It differs from other military dating websites in that it knows what soldiers and those interested in the Armed Forces are really after.

The website encompasses all forms of uniform dating, so is a lot broader than other sites on this list.

There may prolonged periods of separation, but as they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder. Military Friends military friends thumbnail " data-medium-file=" w=120" data-large-file=" It is quick and simple to sign up and Gold Membership costs around .99 a month. Black Military Dating Black military dating offers a niche within a nice.

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You do not want to confuse him as an Infanteer if he is in Intelligence, nor a Medic if he is a Logi.

If you are looking for love, is this what the website caters for or if you are looking for naughty dating is this more relevant. Members You need to check how many members are currently on the site and how many members are online at that moment in time.

There is no point signing up for a website that has few members or none that log in regularly. Price Ideally you can find a website that is entirely free, however, the majority of uniform dating sites will incur a monthly subscription of some kind.

Even if it is simply the combats or if you need the full blown ceremonial dress to get you going, one thing that can be agreed upon is that there is nothing else like a man in uniform.

If the lifestyle, travel and adventure aren’t enough you will always have the uniform. The Body Being in the military does have its down sides, like being separated for a long time, however, one positive of dating someone in the military is their body.

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