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This is why I decided to check out some Gothic singles dating sites online and give you the lowdown in my latest EPIC post: . From what I can tell, Gothic is the number one way to meet like-minded Goth singles online.I can help out weed through all the BS results out there and it will at least help me get back out on the market by giving me a chance to meet some cool Gothic hotties in my area! I mean it’s literally at the top of the Google search results. it lets me create an account and then immediately deactivates it upon my FIRST log in! I tried 3 times and all my attempts resulted in the same BS “reactivate your account” message.

Either way, I felt myself missing all those pretty profiles on Altscene the longer I explored Goth This site also has a search function but, much like the sign-up process, it was overly complicated.

It seemed like I had to input WAAAAY too much information just to check out some Gothic hotties in my area. Gothic Singles Chat was another potentially great destination marred by some otherwise avoidable technical issues. Another bump in the road as I submitted my personal info by pressing the “create profile” button, as I was fed with warning after warning: “Invalid security key” “Passwords do not match” “Please try again in a while” Jesus!

The Forums were also very cookie-cutter and just as dismal. The site has a modern, clean look to it and even signed me up to a partner site Meet Local simultaneously (way to keep it within my actual search terms).

Unfortunately, when I try to access their site from my laptop I keep getting a 404 Forbidden message. it has a Find-Goths-Near-You search engine on the frontend and actually gave me over 600 Goth women results in my area right off the bat. What’s the point of letting people know that there are over 600 potentials in their area if you’re not gonna let them sign up? Furthermore, some poser has already taken my GOTH4LYF username!

So, how come these guys are on the top spot when I search for Gothic singles on Google? EDIT: OK I checked my inbox and I actually got a few emails from Goth…

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