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Alfred Wright, a 28-year-old physical therapist, was on his way to see a patient when his pickup truck broke down in Sabine County, Tex.His wife Lauren alerted his parents who went to help him. When his parents arrived on the scene, there was no sign of Alfred.He was stripped to his boxer shorts, wearing only a single sock with his cell phone tucked inside, and both his sneakers.He was missing an ear, two front teeth and his throat was slit.If I get another update I'll let ya'll know but for now looks like no calls or emails for a while My guy is in the Medium also and he said it was hundreds of guys all out on the yard and I think it kicked off in the rec room too. He also said he thinks they will be down through the holidays... He is supposed to fill me in more in another letter.Besides the Council of Prisons site does anyone know of any where else to get more info?

I wanted to make one thread so we could keep track of all the lockdowns that happen here at Beaumont. He emailed last night and said that while he was outside yesterday he heard 2 shots fired from the rec yard at the medium.Byrd got in the bed of their pick-up truck, but the men did not take him home.Instead, they drove him to a desolate, wooded road east of town, beat him severely, chained him to the back of the truck by his ankles and dragged him for more than three miles.When Lauren called him back, all she heard was heavy breathing. His pickup truck was still parked at the package store, CL&M Grocery, Inc., but Alfred was long gone.The store clerk said she saw Alfred, who was dressed in scrubs, but claims after he talked on his cell phone, he stuffed his cell phone in his socks and took off running, of “his own free will.” Alfred knew help was on this way, so it’s questionable that he’d run off into the woods in a town where racial tension is highly prevalent.

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