Bassingthwaighte dating

Natalie Bassingthwaighte met her first husband, Graham Wilmott – a chef in 1988 when they worked at a theater restaurant in Sydney, Australia.Two weeks later of the meeting, they got married to each other at St. Caption: Wedding of Natalie Bassingthwaighte and Graham Wilmott in 1998. Basically, as soon as we were married it was terrible.Adding to the happiness was their daughter, Harper Rain Sinclair who was born in Melbourne just one after the engagement.Natalie exchanged vows with her fiancé turned husband Cameron back on December 4, 2011, during a romantic and intimate ceremony overlooking the St Kilda foreshore, Melbourne.The 32-year-old actress took to Instagram to share the exciting news, writing: “IZZY IS BACK!!!

If you loved to hate her before, you will love to hate her even more!!!!You’re a singer, actor, TV personality and have a new kids’ range. I think since having kids my whole world has been shaped by them, but in a good way … So being in the big grounds performing in front of 100,000 people, that’s pretty amazing. Of all your things you do, what’s most important to you? I don’t define myself as a singer or any of those things any more. I like to create, I like to be challenged, I like to be inspired. For any working mum I think it’s exactly the same, but my daughter goes to daycare twice a week and we have someone to help us twice a week. Natalie Bassingthwaighte is known for her music, acting and as a judge on The X Factor Australia. Now the 39-year-old is adding designer to her list with her new line of clothing for kids, Chi Khi. Not quite sure it’s all really sunk in yet but I think that’s how I roll.

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