Bald head dating

“We took this weekend trip and at one point he sat down with this serious face and said he had to show me something: He pulled back his little curtain of hair for this big reveal of his bald spot.

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If bald men are becoming more acceptable and attractive to date, does that mean hair loss plays a negligible role in finding yourself a date? If you’ve expressed worries about how your hair loss affects your dating life to friends and family, chances are you’ve heard something along these lines: “Just be yourself and be confident!

I guess I just assumed that what was under the hat would be much more attractive.” Certainly, everything we put on our bodies communicates some statement of self.

Stilettos say something different than sneakers; a peacoat something distinct from a bomber.

“When I met him at the bar, he had a hat on and was really cute, but the next day, he texted me this photo of himself with no hat on, and he had the weirdest hairstyle I’d ever seen.

It was this wet, curly, half-bleached thing.” Deon lost interest almost immediately, though the exchange feels different than Jean’s, whose ex was really trying to pull a fast one.

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