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With the progress of time and human intervention, , they are found in a variety of cat breeds often specific to a country or region. It has no hair to keep it warm and therefore loves to cuddle against people and other animals. Its coat is long and flowing and the body is rectangular in shape.This is evident in the combination colors, pattern of coat, shape of head, and length of hair, folding of ears and bobbed tails or tailless cats as the being the oldest cat breed are often not pedigreed and these types of cats are referred to as domestic long hairs. Eyebrows and whiskers maybe present or either totally absent. The Sphynx is loving, lively and a loyal breed of cats. The Maine Coon is known for its gentle personality. They tend to be rather timid around strangers, but are quite playful and intelligent.The is not pedigreed; rather it is a fancy cat name to describe a shorthaired cat.They have a wide range in coloring and are similar to a Tabby’s coat.Male cats of this breed tend to be much larger than females.These cats require a lot of loving care and have long tails and bodies that are slender and sleek.The American Shorthair comes in more than eighty different colors and a variety of patterns.

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Foreign – body shape is less slender than the oriental type, but a cat is rather athletic.

They enjoy playing with toys and get along with children in the household.

An is known to be a direct descendent of the sacred cat in Egypt.

Instead, your sonographer will check your baby’s head circumference (HC), abdominal circumference (AC) and thigh bone (femur) length (FL) Archie JG, Collins JS and Lebel RR. Quantitative standards for fetal and neonatal autopsy.

[Accessed March 2016] Moore KL, Persuad TVN and Torchia MG. The Developing Human: Clinically oriented embryology.

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