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You'll see her successfully navigate solo across the New Zealand landscape with only a map, and taking control in ultimate g-force for some intense aircraft recovery training at our Academy in Bournemouth, UK.Five of the Best Things About Airline Flying – Ryan Clyde L3 Airline Academy trainee pilot Ryan Clyde - who features in ITV documentary 'easy Jet: Inside the Cockpit' tells us his favourite things about flying.Whether a large trade show or intimate conference, The Farnborough International Exhibition & Conference Centre is the ideal location for your next event.Speak to the team to find out more 360 Walkthrough They say a picture paints a thousand words and a site visit to our brand new, multi functional facility with our dedicated team will certainly do just that.A day in the life of an L3 Airline Academy cadet pilot – George Botley"Hopping in the aircraft, completing the start-up checks, run-ups, taxi and take off, there's nothing that I have experienced to date that comes remotely close to the feeling of flight.If all you've done to date is fly as an airline passenger, then you are almost certainly in for a treat!Designed tandem-wing gliders flown from high-altitude balloon launches (1904–1905), including first public flight exhibition in United States (29 April 1905).

Our postcode is PE23 4DE We are a dog friendly attraction!The MPL Route - Stephanie Cowan The MPL is one of the newest routes of training to take if you’re looking for a way to the right hand seat of a commercial airliner.Quite often a lot of people I fly with haven’t heard of the MPL program or if they have heard of it, they aren’t really sure what it involves.I wouldn't ever change the decision that I made, and I'm glad that I stuck to my guns with it."Eyes Turned Skywards – Olly Sartain-Berry"With a one-year-old son and wife to provide for, the biggest hurdle to overcome was budgeting our family's household expenses for the time I'd be in training; resigning from the security of an established career would be, at best, a risky move."Life in the 3% – Sophie Truran L3 Airline Academy Cadet Sophie has been trailblazing across television screens as a star of ITV's 'easy Jet: Inside the Cockpit'.

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