Automatic updates not updating

Warning: It seems the next time you install a newer Java, it turns back on the "check for updates"; at least it did for me going Java 6 update 15 to Java 6 update 16 on Windows 7.

You're agreeing to this when you accept the terms of the licensing agreement (you do read the EULA, right? By accepting this agreement, you agree to receive these types of automatic updates without any additional notice."In fact, the only say in the matter you'll get is when your system is rebooted -- you'll be able to choose between an automatic reboot, or a reboot at a time that's convenient for you. Timely installation of operating system updates is one of the cornerstones to keeping a system safe and secure.

Microsoft does have some history with regards to this practice.

Take, for example, KB2673774 which delivered a Bing toolbar to users, and KB2876229 which pushed Skype to users.

Windows 10 Pro users get a bit more control over their systems, and will be able to switch over to the Current Branch for Business (CBB) version of Windows 10, which will allow them to delay feature updates.

However, delaying for too long will result in security updates also being blocked.

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