Are kiyomi and lauren still dating

At home in high society, Amanda won’t hesitate to call out anyone who doesn’t make the grade.

A true New Yorker at heart and known as a high-energy jetsetter, Amanda finds it difficult to jibe with the relaxed So Cal attitude.

A natural leader, Kiyomi is extremely stubborn and fiercely committed to the band that she believes is on the brink of making it big.

Along with band mates Laura, Vero, and Somer, Kiyomi is trying to balance a relationship at home with the demands of a rock star lifestyle.

Past cast members Whitney, Romi, and married couple Cori and Kacy will return.

The Newly Engayged Couple is eager to get this wedding underway before the end of the season, and have thus far made no progress. This’ll enable Mom to focus less on the “lesbian” part of “lesbian wedding” and more on the “wedding” part and therefore solve everything, because the family that crafts together, stays together. I think that she thinks she’s not supposed to be happy, and I think she’s battling with that.

me: WEDDING PLANNING IS NOT INTERESTING Laneia: mom actually seems interested and ok with everything am i crazy OH they’ve found her kryptonite CLEVER CLEVER SISTERS yes napkins bars sweets?

riveting probs tent it me: TENT IT tent the hell out of that unit Laneia: shoulder cuddling getting a lot of endorsement here favorite as many cast members over the years have found success by sticking a camera in their parent’s face and informing the parent that anything they say can and will appear on National Television.

was renewed for a third season last fall, and now the cable network is ready to reveal the show’s premiere date and, more importantly, the details on the season’s cast, which EW has here exclusively in the form of the official cast photo, as well as cast bios and a video teaser below.

returns to Showtime with new episodes on Thursday, July 12, at 10 p.m. Claire, Francine, and Sajdah — regulars last year — have been jettisoned in favor of new mainstays Sara and Lauren in Los Angeles and Kiyomi, Somer, and Amanda, the trifecta representing show’s new expansion into New York City.

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