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B&B Two Scoops: This week's commentary for The Bold and the Beautiful.

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If Theo does everything literally, why did he run in the first place when told to stop? Like I said, I get big feelings from this storyline! Paul made a bad mistake by keeping the Will secret for any amount of time. Crazy "Susan" (Yup, still not convinced that's Susan) brainwashed Will to think he's E. She did so because she..know what, it really doesn't matter because this lets Chandler Massey and Eileen Davidson work together. I'm so glad Sami stopped Susan from leaving with him.However, the Will/Paul/Sonny triangle will still need to be settled. I love that Claire gets the mind screw Tripp went through learning about Ava and doesn't hold his actions against Kayla as indicative of his whole character. Sometimes karma is a hot, blue-eyed guy yelling in your face. I don't quite understand why DAYS continues to focus on the least flattering part of Jennifer's character. But having Jennifer fight battles on behalf of her grown children is not a good look. And I found it so poignant when Abigail tried to tell J. she knows what it's like to see things because of trauma. Kate had to resort to her backup blackmail plan on her first run-in with Tripp. HOT: James Reynolds' raw and powerful show-stopping performance is the best thing on DAYS right now. NOT: Just like I'm not a fan of making it seem like Nicole elected to have a porn past, I'm not down with making fun of Sami for having twins by two fathers. LINE OF THE WEEK: Smarmy Memphis cop: "Well, I'm very sorry, but it looks like you're on your own." Marlena: "No, she's not!And that will come down to Sonny, who, quite honestly, needs to smarten up just a bit. Will loved Sonny with all his heart last time and still found his way into two other men's beds. I love that he doesn't see her creativity as a detriment. That bodes well for his future tolerance in a soap world! " Like I said before, the Sami/Marlena relationship has never been better. Is it okay to hold our police officers to a higher standard, or does that compromise their authority? Casey's praiseworthy performances are nuanced enough to tackle these questions if the storyline goes that way. On the soap front, this storyline is riveting for our characters. Theo wasn't even out of surgery, and Jennifer's all, "You know J. I can appreciate that no matter how old your kids are, they're still your babies. (Also, hey Hope, maybe take possession of evidence the second it's handed to you? And Abe did bring up the main point that I find myself pondering a lot in these situations -- J. If so, is there something systemically wrong with the training? Should police have an elite skillset in de-escalating these types of situations? is obviously distraught over shooting Theo, but would he feel the same way if he didn't know the unarmed suspect? " I'm so glad Hope showed up to drag her out of there. I doubt Chad will give her any credit for that at all, nor should he. Taking that phone was completely to cover her own arse.

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