Application for dating my daughter joke

An American, a French guy and a Russian are on death row. But the guillotine is not working, so they set him free.

They are put into empty detention cells, given two large steel spheres each and told they will be released if they can do something extraordinary with them. The American has managed to balance one sphere perfectly on top of the other. The Frenchman does a show in which he juggles them every way possible. When they come to the Russian, they find him sitting there holding his head in despair. As he passes by the American, he whispers: "The guillotine is broken", so the American also chooses the guillotine, and is also set free.

They put him back in the cell and observe secretly through the peep-hole.

The Russian is hitting himself on the head and saying: "Here's one for the restaurants! I knew I should have been learning codes and secret addresses! To his comrades, he says: "Guys, learn all this stuff! " An American, a French guy and a Russian are sitting next to bonfire.

- Hey, you, striped one, who's the strongest in the savannah? Tomorrow at dawn you come to my lair, I'll eat you for breakfast. The Chinese Government asked for help in curbing population growth.His Lordship the General, next to me, jumps up and shouts "Old Man: I had an old Zaporozhets car, and I put my war-trophy Messerschmitt jet engine in it. - The elephant without a word grabs him with his trunk and throws him into a nearby swamp. That's good, tomorrow lunch will be wolf (writes it down). Seen great placards: "Everything in the name of Man, everything for the good of Man! (referring to the General Secretary of the Communist Party, who could be seen on national holidays receiving parades in Red Square.) A Georgian comes to an urologist and, without a word, pulls out his member and plops it on the examination table. At -200, hell freezes over and Finland wins the Eurovision Song Contest.While driving on a highway, I saw a Ferrari ahead and tried to overtake it. - Hey, you, funny one, who's the nicest in the savannah? The lion gets out, cleans himself of the mud and mutters: - Well, why won't you just say: "I don't know". Tomorrow at noon you'll come to my lair, I'll eat you for lunch. At -273 absolute zero temperature is reached, all atom movement ceases.Tell a joke to a Japanese, and he will understand it his own way.Tell a joke to a Russian, and he will tell you that he knows three more versions of that joke that are much better."Like the British, Russians pride themselves on possessing a well-developed and all-encompassing sense of humour.

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