Alternate for c in updating p990i

The camera is a 5 megapixel beast with autofocus, image stabiliser and flash.The autofocus uses face-detection software, so it will automatically focus on a face in a picture.

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The memory is average by modern standards at 160 Mbytes but the phone supports Memory Stick Micro™ (M2™) cards up to 4 GB, which is enough to store 1,000 music tracks.They can also change the autofocus mode, flash and other camera settings. The camera is actually concealed beneath a mini sliding cover.When you slide the cover open, the phone switches to camera mode.Rating: Reviewed by lwazi from south africa on 8th May 2016 Have but now it give me problem it say "insert correct sim card" when I change sim card what can I do because I still love my Sony Ericsson 902... Reviewed by Smythe from England on 19th Aug 2014 got it early in 2009, still going in 2014. the charger is awful, the signals not incredible, but has survived everything from 15ft drops, total submersion in seawater/beer/soup, dog maulings and etc.Rating: Reviewed by Dilesha de Mel from Sri Lanka on 24th Jul 2012 The best ever phone i ever used.

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