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Her skin is cream-colored, and she has white fur with yellow ends on her ears and tail. Her ears are floppy and pointed, and her tail is short, thick and carried straight. She has medium-length, wavy, brown hair worn in a straightforward style. You suggest to Teresa that you would like to go to the hot spring, but she wrinkles her nose and says she would rather not get wet. You relax in the heat of the spring, amid the stink of minerals. The next few days are uneventful, except for your visits to Teresa. She has no hair, but leaves that give her the impression of long hair. Day two finishYou enter the cockpit, and pull up a chair next to Karey. Since the Karey(the pilot) doesn't need her services, you spend the day with Hanna. Hanna has says to Karey "I'm gonna be a while." and leads you into a secluded room. The two of you pack a lunch (sandwiches, fruit, and granola bars for the two of you), rent some climbing gear, and head out.

Your mate seems to catch on a little too quickly on how to program the VCR or newest phone model, or computer program, or operate the cappuccino machine.

It is probable that your mate is used to an even more advanced technology... After watching the news, your mate disappears “to the washroom”.

just remember, it is probable that your Alien Mate does not wish to harm you, just study you.

Perhaps you should be flattered that she or he found you interesting enough to study!

She has medium-length, luxurious, straight, blue hair worn in a straightforward style. Do you: When you enter, you see a green-skinned lady with deep-set, blue eyes meditating. I see to the hiring myself." Eventually, you climb into your cot, and sleep embraces you. You sleep in Anabell's cot that night, with her beside you. You eventually Go to your cotYou go into the cockpit, and pull up a chair next to Hanna. So you invite her to go rock climbing with you in the mountains, a little ways away from the spaceport and the major resort city.

You look around and see a statuesque figure who has hooded, purple eyes. She is wearing a leotard, and is snoozing in a cot to the left. You decide to Leave and explore the rest of the ship. She said "Tell me what you think of the crew here." You say "They all have their quirks, but they seem like good crew members." She replies "They wouldn't be here if they weren't. When it gets late, you two go to the barracks where Anabel and you make memories. You talk to Anabell about the dance and you two decide to go together. Then Karey turns the ship on autopilot, and ushers you to a secluded room. You ask Karey to the dance, who accepts graciously. There are a variety of pleasures to be found on Narin, but you fancy something that's a bit more of a workout than sunning on the beaches or relaxing at the spa—not to mention you really want to spend more time with Anabell, who doesn't seem like she goes in for that kind of stuff either.

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Four grapeshot auto cannons that can rip through armor and flesh alike. This bad boy is a 125 cm plasma cannon that kills anything in a 300 meter line." You say "Wonderful! I'm Lana." "Captain Daniel." "Care to share about your job." "How about you go first? She has medium-length, fine, wavy, brown hair worn in a wild style. She has medium-length, curly orange hair with a red patch in front, worn in a formal style. But if you'd like to come again sometime, I'm Hanna. You go down and find Bianca lying on her cot, but she says "Hi, Dan! It is uniform, like an official's, but still some odd trinket or bauble lying somewhere.

They may also complain about being hungry, then, a short time later, usually after a meal, complain about being full. If you’ve heard your mate say, “ I wish it would stop raining” and indeed it does stop raining in the next hour, your mate/alien could have affected the weather with its wishes.

When asked about its childhood, or its high school friends, your mate becomes very vague or wishes not to discuss it.

Your mate often does not want to go out with you, or be seen with you in public. This is another form of communication to the mother ship.

Aliens prefer to be alone, gathering data and writing reports, hoping to get their articles in Alien Science Journals. Aliens are always curious about Earth’s creatures. If you think you’ve discovered other ways to tell if your mate is an Alien, please e-mail them, and perhaps I can convince the Editors of Mind Numbing Magazine™ to publish them in a second article... This form of communication is also utilized by whales who are also aliens” Editor's Note: I must agree with T140V!

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