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Local service agencies that have benefited from the program include Harrison House emergency shelter in Berkeley and Covenant House for homeless youth in Oakland. It’s also a stepping stone to living a healthy and productive life,” she says.

To date, Feeding Forward has worked with 165 donors, 55 recipient agencies, and provided some 259,000 meals from recovered food dispatched by 150 volunteers. “By reducing food waste we save resources and money and minimize environmental impact, and most importantly we move towards a world where everyone has enough to eat.” This young idealist thinks an app can make a difference.

“Some of this stuff sounds dangerously close to incitement,” he said.

“If the prison authorities claim they are monitoring and censoring material, then they are clearly not doing it effectively.

“I got frustrated trying to find places that would accept the 500 sandwiches in the back of my car.

Some were only willing to take a dozen or so at once,” she says.

Umar Khalid, whose real name is Steve Jones, had been reading the works of Sayyid Qutb, one of the architects of Islamism who inspired al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri.

Steve Mc Cabe, a Labour MP on the Commons home affairs committee, called for a government investigation.

(The award-winning innovator and social entrepreneur has funded much of the project out of pocket to date.) Food donor organizations include restaurants such as Sliver Pizzeria in Berkeley and Cal Dining, as well as companies like Twilio.

Muhid, 29, was jailed for soliciting to murder in 2007 following a demonstration outside the Danish embassy against cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad. A Ministry of Justice spokesman said: "The National Offender Management Service (Noms) recognises the risks posed by extremist offenders and those who seek to radicalise others and takes their responsibility to effectively manage these risks seriously.

"Since 2007 a dedicated, expert unit has led a programme of work across prisons and probation to strengthen our response to the threat from these offenders, drawing on our long history of managing terrorist prisoners and other dangerous individuals.

Mondays: Veteran Golfers; Tuesdays: Medley Tuesday Club and Junior Club “after school” comps; Wednesdays: Women; Thursdays: Men Thursday Club; Fridays: Medley Competition; Saturdays: Men & Women; Sundays: Medley Competition; Sundays: JUNIOR COMPETITIONS Check the Mackay Golf Junior Club Facebook page for up-to-date information.

The terrorists apparently regard their imprisonment as a “test” from Allah, with one even likening the experience to “a holiday camp”.

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