You have your own Video chat solution including Video, Audio, administration, customizing...

(see more features here) If you do not know how to deploy it, please check out the requirements.

Notify users by sending this sample announcement email.

Note: Users cannot see or use chat messages within shared Google docs.

Google Apps accounts created before July 2015, however, may include a previous option, such as Google Talk.

To give users more chat features, such as the ability to share photos or have larger group conversations, turn on Hangouts chat instead.

See Switch back to Google Talk for more information.

If you’re looking for a quick online fling or more, this is the place to be.Chat History settings may not be preserved when the G Suite chat service is changed (for example, if you enable or disable Hangouts chat).Verify the Chat History settings are correct for the selected chat option.Enables Hangouts chat for all users in the organizational unit.Existing users are switched to Hangouts chat when they refresh Gmail.

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