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Moreover, this supposed influence of the bad example of Adam is almost chimerical; even the faithful when they sin do not sin on account of Adam's bad example, a fortiori infidels who are completely ignorant of the history of the first man.And yet all men are, by the influence of Adam, sinners and condemned ( Romans , 19 ).

Moreover, we can discern no natural connexion between any sin and death.

Also in verse 12 , which corresponds to verse 19 , we see that by one man two things have been brought on all men, sin and death, the one being the consequence of the other and therefore not identical with it.

(3) Since Adam transmits death to his children by way of generation when he begets them mortal, it is by generation also that he transmits to them sin, for the Apostle presents these two effects as produced at the same time and by the same causality.

These Protestant writers lay much stress on the last words of the twelfth verse .

We know that several of the Latin Fathers understood the words "in whom all have sinned ", to mean, all have sinned in Adam.

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