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In today's society, children need to adapt to circumstances that may pose potential problems for them.

Children learn about feelings of belonging, acceptance, and rejection at an early age.

The first step requires developing a plan of action, which may include evaluating, assessing, and changing routines and equipment to meet accessibility and inclusive standards.

Recruit staff that can interpret and use sign language is another important step.

This presents exciting opportunities to include special-needs children in activities at an early age. An inclusive playground environment shares several qualities not found in traditional play settings.

The designers of an inclusive playground environment target children at the youngest age possible to reinforce the acceptance of differences.

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Check out these three summer destinations all perfect for families of all ages, and all within two hours of Atlanta.

Boasting both an indoor and outdoor water park, and located in Sevierville, TN, Wilderness at the Smokies Resort is an all in one family vacation destination.

With the water parks accessible by resort guests only, crowds are manageable.

The center also employs a rafting guide who is ASL certified, and can accommodate visually and hearing impaired adults and children. The world class Tennessee Aquarium, located smack dab in downtown Chattanooga, TN on the Tennessee River, is not to be missed.

Taking up two beautifully designed buildings, one themed fresh water and named River Journey, and one salt water, or Ocean Journey, this aquarium first opened in 1992 and features one of the largest fresh water aquariums in the world.

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