Accommodating differences variations in differentiated literacy instruction

Student dissatisfaction with clinical placements is not unique to psychiatry.

Research has shown that educators and learners face significant challenges when teaching and learning take place in any clinical setting. One of the biggest challenges of teaching in clinical settings is how to provide a welcoming and supportive learning environment in a busy and time constrained practice.

It then describes a local scheme to improve medical students placement and how the changes introduced in this scheme helped to enhance learning and satisfaction of the medical students.The Strategy stressed the importance of good clinical placements in psychiatry and recommended that medical students should ideally be placed only with ‘the best teachers and welcoming teams’ avoiding colleagues who are disillusioned with psychiatry or not happy with their jobs.It is therefore essential that psychiatrists and other clinicians play an important role to improve the medical students placement in their workplace in order to give the students a positive expereince of this speciality and hopefully promote it as a future career option.The authors took over full responsibility for coordinating the students’ placements and liaising with the various supervising clinical teams.This ensured clear leadership and consistency in organising the placement.

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