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This is a lesson plan designed for higher levels (B2 ) to help students develop their presentation skills.

I have used extracts taken from the fantastic everyday sexism project website. ‘Man up’ ‘grow a pair’ ‘act like a real man’…all comments that personally I have heard almost every female in my adult life say to or about men at some point or another.

Then go through the meanings on the board: Students turn the handout over and try to complete the expressions from memory; they mustn’t look at the text.

Students then unfold the paper to check their answers.

Give them 8-10 minutes to structure their arguments. See who can use the most expressions, keep count while your completing the task, the winner is the one who uses the most.

The debate will follow the following structure: All the evidence points to/suggests… Credit: https://This is a conversation lesson for higher-level adults and mature teenagers on the topic of everyday sexism.

Tell them “this is the story of a relationship, you have to put it in order” you might want to put some simple sequencers on the board: “First, and then, afterwards, in the end etc.” When they’ve finished choose a pair to tell their version of the story to the class, ask other groups if their version is different.

Have students try to guess the meaning of the expressions in bold from the context in pairs.You can either show students the original “10 hours walking in NYC as a woman” https://v=b1XGPvb Wn0A Or show them the newer parody version in which a woman responds to the catcalling with funny comments: https:// Procedure Tell students that you’re going to give a presentation, tell them that they need to make notes on: the main idea, supporting ideas and impressive language. Download the phrase sheet and topic cards below: Micro Presentations Preparation Prepare a 2-minute example presentation on a topic close to your heart using as much of the language from the handout as you can.

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