Security is a major concern here that's why, unlike many other sites, this entire site uses only secure connections and private profiles stopping any "window shopping" by Google users and protecting your information.Private profiles also help ensure privacy on this site from preying eyes, however, as an added precaution you can browse invisibly and choose who sees you.Instead of crawling the profile page to understand basic match points for a user they are now summed up and styled green or red depending on whether you (or they) match.

No more looking through favourites, moments, meets, bookmarks and then likes and messages and, if you have enough energy, pokes/ice breakers; all in a spread out interface.This site is not just about females and males dating.It allows many different genders and orientations to catalogue themselves and recieve results specific to them.No longer are you forced to categorise yourself as male/female or straight/gay if you are meeting and dating online, now you can expose yourself to a community of like minded individuals in both gender and orientation.Open Street Maps have been added into the site so you can instantly see a match's city/town on a popup map instead of flicking between tabs constantly.

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