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Anyway, since Friends is hitting the 10 year anniversary of its finale, this question seemed worthy of revisiting. Depending on who you are, different things will work for you. " resulting in thunderous studio audience laughter and applause, and us going: What is that!! When in doubt, going to the Internet to discover the answers to your most pressing sexual pop culture questions, is never a bad idea. Sure, there are some basic erogenous zones — breasts, clitoris, neck, but there are articles out there telling women to explore some uncommon places like behind the knees, the abs, the elbow fold ...but it clearly can infect in and around the mouth, as well as in the genital tract.” One study described the risk as “small.” You’ve probably seen the scary headlines about oral sex causing cancer, but as I reported in the past, oral cancers linked to HPV are very rare: Approximately five per 100,000 people.(And most oral cancers are tied to HPV 16, and we have a vaccine for that now).The greatest danger when it comes to oral sex is believed to be with fellatio for the “receptive partner.” (Now here’s a mind fuck: In clinical lingo, "receptive oral sex" refers to performing oral sex on someone -- or "giving head," as the kids say -- not to "receiving it." You can think of it this way: The receptive partner is the penis or vagina in their mouth.) The website of AVERT, an international HIV and AIDS charity, explains that transmission can occur when “sexual fluid (semen or vaginal fluid) or blood (from menstruation or a wound somewhere in the genital or anal region) [gets] into a cut, sore, ulcer or area of inflammation somewhere in their mouth or throat.”A University of California, San Francisco, study put the per-contact risk of transmission through "receptive" fellatio with an HIV positive partner at 0.04 percent.(For perspective, consider that the same study found a much higher per-contact risk of 0.82 percent for unprotected receptive anal sex.) The researchers calculated the rate of HIV transmission to be 4 out of 10,000 acts of fellatio.A Chicago study found that 13.7 percent of syphilis cases were attributed to oral sex. As for syphilis, that seemingly antiquated infection, it’s “easily transmitted” during oral sex -- “if a person’s mouth comes into contact with an open sore or a skin rash caused by the infection,” according to AVERT.

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Essentially, no two women are the same and they will be turned on to different things — but we can infer what this one is...

The other leading risk through oral sex is gonorrhea, says Hurt.

STD clinics have reported that 5 to 10 percent of patients have gonorrhea of the throat.

It's difficult to attribute infections to any single sex act -- most people who contract STIs engage in a variety of potentially risky sexual practices.

But we can look at what we know about the transmission risks of particular STIs, starting first with the one that scares people the most: HIV.

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